Martor Secunorm Profi '07152'

Product no.: 3

A classic for right handed users. With trapezoid blade.

Do you sometimes wonder why we've never bothered to update our SECUNORM PROFI? After all, it is four decades old! Well to be honest, it has never been necessary. Yesterday's pioneer is today's classic. A timeless shape, a robust form, a versatile ability: what more could you want? The "forefather" of all of our GS-tested safety knives, the SECUNORM PROFI features automatic blade retraction and has therewith protected generations of users.

Product information

Measurements (Length x Width x Height) 142 x 16 x 31 mm
Product weight 80 g
Cutting depth 19,6 mm


Replacement blades

Title Description Article no.
Trapezoid blade '502 L BR' Trapezoid blade 112
Trapezoid blade '502 L BR' Deep-edged trapezoid blade 113
Martor Trapezoid blade Nr. 52 Trapezoid blade 123
Martor Trapezoid blade Nr. 5232 Deep-edged trapezoid blade 126

Further Accessories

Title Description Article no.
Martor Used Blade Container '9810' For the final disposal of your blades. 353
Martor Holster Small Nr. 9842 For our more slender cutting tools. 361